Salute Summer with Some Sangria

For the most part, engineering students tend to have a wide reputation as beer drinkers. Serious beer drinkers. So I was a little unsure about serving ‘girlie’ sangria to a group of Danny’s old friends from McGill who came for a BBQ yesterday.
I needn’t have worried, as it was a hit and we were scraping the bottom of the punch bowl as we quenched our thirst from the fierce game of croquet that we were playing.
This sangria can compete with the best beer and summer drinks out there and if you are looking for an alternative to the standard red wine sangria, this is the recipe you should try. It’s loaded with fruit that has soaked overnight in a white wine and citrus mixture and these potent bits are well worth tipping your glass back.

White Sangria
1 small honey dew melon cut into chunks
1 small pineapple, cut into chunks
4 medium peaches, cut into thin wedges
2 cups additional sliced fruit of your choice (strawberries, star fruit, etc)
1 lemon thinly sliced
1 lime thinly sliced
2 750 ml bottles of dry white wine, chilled
1/2 cup sugar (I like superfine)
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice

To finish:
1 litre soda water, chilled
1 cup loosely packed small fresh mint leaves
Additional fruit for garnish

In a large bowl combine all fruit and sliced citrus. Add wine, sugar and lime juice. Stir well to dissolve the sugar. Cover and chill overnight.
Just before serving, stir in carbonated water and mint leaves. Serve with additional fresh fruit garnish and ice.

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  1. Aimée, I love sangria but can never get the right recipe, so this will come very handy even though we are nearing winter in Sydney. p/s: the engineering & beer phenomenon is world wide!

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