How to Cook an East Coast Seafood Boil

Here in the Maritimes, nothing quite says summertime celebration like a good old East Coast seafood boil.

Whether you’re serving it up on the beach or in the backyard, this shellfish feast is always memorable for all the right reasons.

A seafood boil is relatively simple to pull off – really! It’s all cooked in one giant pot and served up on newspaper for easy clean-up. It’s a great way to feed a crowd (and impress them, too).

Summertime feasts are back, so invite your friends, set the table and make up for lost time with an epic East Coast Seafood Boil.

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Do-Ahead Campfire Burritos

Do-Ahead campfire burritos are a simple and delicious meal, perfect for your next outdoor adventure.

Hello June!

Restrictions have been lifted here in Nova Scotia and our first camping weekend is coming up in a few short days. After weeks of lockdown, we can’t wait for a road trip and a few starry nights around a fire with friends.

“Real food’ camping meals don’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time to prepare at the campsite. These do-ahead campfire burritos are a perfect example.

I like to prep them in advance and freeze them. This makes the last minute food prep more manageable. And as a bonus they double as an ice pack in the cooler.

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Any-Ingredient Fruit Crisp: A Zero Waste Formula

A recent rhubarb harvest inspired a baking project over the long weekend. I tossed rhubarb with lavender sugar and creamed butter with oats for the first ~ exquisite ~ fruit crisp of the season.

While I worked, I thought about how this rustic dessert is a perfect example of a zero waste recipe. I also realized I’ve never written about crisps or crumbles on this blog, despite the fact that I bake them up all. year. long.

So here we go! Kicking off this post are my genius zero waste tips for fruit crisps. By the end of this post, you’ll have a handy fruit crisp formula: a master recipe for this beloved dessert. And in between, I’ll inspire you to get creative with alternative ingredients for both fillings and toppings.

I’m also sharing my recipe for gluten-free, zero waste Nutty Fruit Crisp Topping. And I had to include instructions for a do-ahead, big-batch fruit crisp topping for those weekends when you’re feeding a crowd.

We have a lot to cover in this post, so let’s jump right in.

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2021 Spring Cookbook Round-Up

I‘ve always been the type of person to look for the silver lining in every situation. And the upside of spending a rainy spring in full lockdown is this: more time to read cookbooks.

There’s been an absolute landslide of incredible culinary publications recently. I’m relieved that the current global ‘situation’ has not harmed, but rather nurtured the rise of cookbooks. And they seem to be better than ever.

Come join me for a spring cookbook round-up. We’ll travel to the Arab world through The Arabesque Table and to a remote Inn on the edge of Prince Edward Island. You’ll be inspired keep a more sustainable kitchen and put those sheet pans to good use.

I think we could all use a little extra help in the kitchen these days. Sometimes all it takes is a new cookbook to spark fresh interest in cooking and baking. I wonder which title below will be that book for you?

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Iced Haskap Green Tea

A vibrant, naturally-sweetened iced haskap green tea recipe. Superfruity and refreshing.

My haskap culinary journey began like the best food adventures: at my local farmers market in peak summer.

The bright berry displayed in the booth captured my attention and the facts sheet on this superfruit was astonishing to read. Did you know that the haskap has more antioxidants than blueberries and more vitamin C than oranges?

Since that market stall encounter, haskap berries have remained on my radar. I keep a jar of haskap preserves in the fridge for stirring into yogurt or spreading on scones. My own superfruit stash.

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