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Back to…Cooking School: How to Make Brown Stock

Before we get started, though, let me just clarify one thing. I see a lot of recipes and methods for “Bone Broth”. What is the difference between ‘bone broth’ and ‘stock’, you ask? Is there a difference? Yes, indeed.

Sure, both are made by simmering bones and mildly aromatic vegetables in water for a lengthy period of time, but a true bone broth is made with meat as well as bones, and often contains extra flavorings such as garlic or turnip. A stock is more ‘bare bones’ (pun intended!) containing not much more than bones, water, and mirepoix.

Think of it this way: the term ‘broth’ implies it could be a dish, while ‘stock’ is clearly just an ingredient. Hope that helps. We’re going to learn how to make a brown stock today.

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Going Nuts: How to Make Nut Butters (recipe: Cinnamon Walnut Butter)

Written by Lynn of Cookie Baker Lynn

The schools that I attended had the option of a hot lunch you could purchase or you could bring your own lunch. I was a brown bagger. Not only was it cheaper to BYOL, but the food was generally less nasty. As a small child my mother would pack my lunch, but as I got older and her life got busier, I got the memo to make my own lunch.

Because I’m a last minute kind of person (don’t believe me? Ask my editor!), invariably my lunch would consist of a peanut butter and jam sandwich and a piece of fruit. PB &J was the quickest, easiest sandwich to make, so that’s what I lived on during the school year.

Oddly, this unadulterated peanut-butter-based diet didn’t make me loathe peanut butter. I went through collage eating PB &J’s, sent my husband off to work with PB&J’s, and proceeded to raise a new generation on peanut butter.

Today’s kids bagging their own lunches, or their moms doing it for them, face a new challenge. Because of the increasing number and severity of peanut allergies, many schools are banning peanut butter. For the peanut-challenged, this can be a literal life-saver, but for the harried moms trying to throw together a quick, nutritious lunch, it presents an early morning crisis.

But a crisis can just be an opportunity in disguise. In this case it’s the opportunity to explore the world of other nuts available out there. All nutritious, in their own ways delicious, and each with their own characteristics. Once you start making your own nut butters, you’ll find it’s fun and addictive. [Read more…]

Citrus Cheesecake with Blueberry Sauce

It wouldn’t be right not to tell you that I had the opportunity to guest post for the kind Alice of Savory Sweet Life this weekend. I shared my famous citrus cheesecake recipe with her readers, along with a little story of how I came across the recipe.

Of course, I’ve included plenty of tips on how to make a successful cheesecake, as well, so if you’re looking for a perfect dessert, this is the one!
From the post:

“Now, I’ve probably made this cheesecake 75 times over the past 15 years. It has graced the sweet table at baby showers, church luncheons, graduation celebrations and birthday parties galore. No matter the event, it is always a suitable dessert, and no matter the company, no one can resist a slice.”

Head here to continue reading and get the recipe for Citrus Cheesecake.

Weekend Reading

This post was almost titled ‘Weekend Reading Special Edition’ as there have been plenty of exciting things happening ’round the web this week. I know your time is precious, so let’s jump right in.

Lights, Camera, Action! A CTV Feature

I was thrilled to be featured by a  local TV station recently in a short segment on preserving summer. Head HERE to the CTV ‘Sunday Bite’ homepage, then click on the Sept 4 episode “Local produce” to view the clip. You’ll get a peek into my home and may even recognize a few recipes that I demonstrate.

Life…Your Way

Superwoman Mandi Ehman launched her highly anticipated new website Life…Your Way last week and fans around the web gave her a simultaneous virtual high-five – myself included.  Mandi has put together the ultimate site for personalized solutions for every aspect of life, be it mothering, finance, decorating, blogging or going green. Be sure to stop by and see for yourself what all the buzz is about. [Read more…]