Giveaway: New West Knifeworks’ Fusionwood Santoku Chef’s Knife

This giveaway has ended.  Check back on Saturday, December 4 for the winner!

Welcome to Simple Living Media’s Home for the Holidays! We’ve got 25 giveaways across the entire network this week to give you plenty of chances to win a great gift, just in time for the holidays.

Today’s giveaway is a Santoku Chef’s Knife from New West Knifeworks’ new Fusionwood line!

Chefs, bloggers, food writers and foodies alike are all abuzz over these chef knives from New West Knifeworks. And who wouldn’t be crazy over these hot commodities? One hundred-percent American-made with a high-carbon steel steel blade and a unique hand-crafted colored hardwood veneer handles – the Fusionwood kitchen knives are as beautiful as they are practical.

Read on to learn more about New West knives and how you can win this incredible tool for your kitchen.

Knife Art

I once catered an extravagant holiday dinner party in the home of a very well-to-do couple. They had a stunning art collection, including an original Picasso, and I remember wondering what it must feel like to own such a precious piece.

I don’t wonder any more.

There is no question that the folks at New West Knifeworks are creating knife art, and their Fusionwood line is like the Picasso of knives: bold, strikingly beautiful, colorful, and oh-so-unique.

The creativity and craftsmanship of New West founder, Corey Milligan, has not gone unnoticed. His knives have been featured in many of the nation’s top culinary and design magazines including Fine Cooking, Saveur, GC and Wine Spectator.

Why, just this week, New York Magazine featured the very knife I’m giving away today!

About the Fusionwood Santoku

Since the Santoku arrived, I’ve been putting it through its paces, chopping everything from delicate herbs, to chicken carcasses.

The beauty of this Santoku is its many uses. It is heavy enough to do some moderate cleaver work for bones and carcasses, sharp enough to slice through fish without mushing it, and plows through everyday vegetable prep with ease.

It’s definitely a work horse in the kitchen and a fantastic all-purpose knife for the home.

I also love that their Santoku is currently the ‘greenest’ knife in America. New West KnifeWorks moved knife production from Japan back to the USA this summer, and the local factory is run completely on hydro power generated on site!

Speaking of green and colors, the trademark colored handled Fusionwood knives come in seven stunning colors. Pictured to the right is ‘Peacock’ and my knife below is ‘Jessica’. You can view the other colors HERE.

Connect with New West Knifeworks

Stay in touch with New West Knifeworks on Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for their newsletter to receive:

  • Special holiday promotions
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  • Exclusive recipes from the professional chefs who use New West knives

And if you’re in New York City, you can stop by their booth in Bryant Park’s holiday market, which is open until January 3rd!

Giveaway winner will receive one New West Knifeworks’ Santoku Chef’s Knife from the Fusionwood line valued at $159 USD!

How to win

Everyone has two chances to win. Here’s how:

1. Comment on this post, answering this question: What is your current “all-purpose” kitchen knife?

2. For an extra entry, “like” New West Knifeworks AND Simple Bites on Facebook. Then leave an additional comment letting me know you’ve done so.

This giveaway will end tonight, Wednesday, December 1 at 11:59 p.m. I hope you win! We’ll announce the winners of all the holiday giveaways at the end of the week.

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Cooking has always been Aimée's preferred recreational activity, creative outlet, and source of relaxation. After nearly ten years in the professional cooking industry, she went from restaurant to RSS by trading her tongs and clogs for cookie cutters and a laptop, serving as editor here at Simple Bites. Her first book, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars - Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites, was published in February 2015.

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  1. I use my paring knife for most things.

  2. I have a Sabatier chef’s knife that I use for everything.

  3. I like knifeworks and SB on FB!

  4. I have a no-name knife from a random kitchen outlet. All of my knives are cheap. We’re newlyweds <33 =)

  5. I have no idea. I got my knives as a gift and they cut what I need cut.

  6. A boring serrated Cutco. Boy would one of those be fun!

  7. I like you and New West Knifeworks on FB. They are real eye candy.

  8. My current all-purpose kitchen knife is a RADA brand.

  9. My most used knife is a maple-handled black steel blade knife that was handed down from my grandfather to my dad, and then to me… I’ve used it since I was a kid, cleaning and butchering the deer my brother brought home during hunting season. I love that knife and am skeptical that any knife will rival it. But am curious to try this one and see!

  10. A wustof santoku. Use it daily.

  11. I use a Santoku for almost everything, but this one is so much cooler than mine!

  12. I use some cheap-o knife I got at some knife demo at a Wal-mart approximately 8 years ago! 🙁

  13. I like both New West Knifewords and Simple Bites on Facebook.

  14. I use a Chicago cutlery chefs knife that we’ve had for over 20 years. This looks like a wonderful knife, thanks for the giveaway.

  15. My “all purpose” knife is a Ken Onion knife which I love but it can’t compare to the artistry of these knives. They are functional pieces of art.

  16. We have a set of Henkels that desparately need to be sharpened!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  17. Facebook warm fuzzies sent

  18. My favorite knife is a Chicago Cutlery chef’s knife. My mom gave it to me for Christmas 12 years ago and it’s still going strong! This looks like a great knife.

  19. I use whatever came with our butcher block. lol

  20. My current go to knife is a Wustoff 8 inch chef’s knife

  21. I have no idea what the knife is called…I got it in a cheap set of knives, but it does the job!

  22. We got some Cutco knives when we were married. They still work great!

  23. My current all purpose knife is a Globe knife that I got for Christmas years ago. I’m ready to upgrade! 🙂

  24. I “liked” Simple Bites AND New West Knifeworks on Facebook!

  25. I don’t have a favorite knife. I have a Chicago Cutlery one that is serviceable, I suppose. It’s actually a joke in my house how bad my kitchen knife collection is, but I just don’t have the resources to splurge on a really GOOD set… 🙁

  26. And I like both of you on FB! Thanks!

  27. Shannon Vanderploeg says

    My current all purpose is one my dad gave me, but I love this one so much more.

  28. I use a nameless paring knife the most.

  29. I’ve been using my Wusthof Gourmet chef’s knife for most everything, but I prefer the smaller Classic santoku knife that my parents had. That knife was good for everything. I could definitely use a new go-to.

  30. I use a generic knife that we got for our wedding 16 years ago. It’s decent but not nearly as pretty as these!

  31. My favorite knife is my Kitchenaid Santoku. I use is all the time. and a close second is my pointy paring knife.

  32. I also “liked” Simple Bites on Facebook awhile ago.