Making Mother’s Day Memories

Fun in the orchard treehouse

Today was a gorgeous sunny day and Danny whisked Noah and I out to the beautiful Quebec countryside where we hiked Mount Saint-Gregoire, had a picnic in a blossoming apple orchard, and did a cider tasting at Cidrerie Verger Leo Boutin.

After playing in their tree house and a ‘ride’ on the tractor for Noah, we left with four bottles of cider including a bottle of Prunelle, an aperitive cider made from plums as well as the usual apples. I am looking forward to incorporating it in a dessert somehow!

After growing up in the Canadian Rockies, I still struggle with the use of the word ‘mountain’ in Quebec, but we did manage to have a nice view from this…well…we’ll call it a lookout.

A big Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there!!

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  1. awe how sweet …your little girl looks so beautiful ! your’e a lucky lady !

  2. Aimée

    What a little cutie! I really like the piccie of the tulips.


  3. Sounds like a neat stop(as I add it to my list of places to visit in Quebec)! You look so happy in the last photo.

  4. Yes what a cute littly girl 🙂

  5. You and your SON Noah look so happy and carefree – what great photos. And are those apple blossoms? Lovely! Would have loved to tag along on this outing, sounds like it was a good one. I too have a hard time calling the mountains where we live “mountains.” To me mountains need to be snow-capped, colossal craggy rocks that one could only dream of scaling with highly specialized equipment. Like good old Bulkley Valley Mountains:)

  6. Kate- thanks a bunch!

    Jasmine- nice to see you on UtHC! Don’t you just love tulips?

    Tam- Can’t wait ’til you get here!

    Mira- Ha Ha

    Amber- Thanks for clarifying that Noah is indeed a boy! Yes, it was a lovely day.

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