Hotdogs: Concordia’s cure-all for traumatized Dawson students

Yesterday, a gunman walked into one of Montreal’s colleges and started shooting students. One person was killed, about 20 injured, and hundreds of were terrified for their lives. It was a shocking, horrifying scene and our condolences go out to the families of those involved. We’re glad our good friend Dave made it out ok. Way to go, dude. This morning, in an 11 page special report, I found this to be one of the more disturbing Montreal Gazette headlines: Concordia shelters sobbing, shocked CEGEP students: Hotdogs, blankets and counseling help them deal with a harrowing experience. Recently been shot at? Watched your friend take a bullet in the leg? Here, have a steamie, you’ll feel much better. Sorry it took three hours before we cleared the building and let you all out, but how about those dogs! HOT DOGS? Hot dogs?
Talk about adding insult to injury. Now I am all about the necessity of food in times of crisis, staying fueled up for the journey, and comfort food when the going gets tough, but hot dogs??? Geez, Concordia, whoever had that bright idea should have remembered that heavy, nauseous, bloated feeling one gets into the pit of their stomach after eating wieners. These Dawson students were already reportedly feeling sick, nauseous, and uneasy from their traumatic afternoon; what a way to ensure they will be feeling ill well into the evening. I mean, the Faubourg is right there. Couldn’t they have sent for a few hundred fresh hot bagels? Now that’s comfort food! But, no, Montreal’s cure-all is a soggy hotdog or two….or three. Seriously, do people even eat hotdogs anymore? Hello, We’ve read Fast Food Nation. We know what goes into them. Dawson is about 80% girls and I don’t know many twenty-something girls who are very eager to rip into a hotdog anymore. Maybe I am wrong, but I just don’t think steamies were the way to go. (Yes, that is what they are called here in Quebec. No they are not cow pies, but buns and dogs that are steamed and then assembled.) Concordia, I give you an F.
What’s your take?

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  1. Bagels would definitely have been better. Or any variety of fast, cheap chinese food, so prevalent in the area. Or Lebanese. Or… you get the picture.

  2. I relate hotdogs to baseball games, barbecues, camp fires not some shoot-out at a school. But hey, that’s just me!

  3. The anonymous on the previous comment was not supposed to be anonymous-oops!

  4. Garlic mashed potatoes would have been good!

  5. Scathing!

    I hope the dogs were at least kosher.

  6. Actually, Concordia was having a back to school event for the campus with a BBQ when this happened, so instead of selling the dogs/burgers to students they gave them to the Dawson students

  7. I don’t mind a dog once in awhile actually (as long as I don’t think about what they are made of:) Memories of being a kid and family campouts are conjured up when I eat them.

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