Clara’s current favorite eats and a toddler food Q&A

In those first early months with a baby, we are all obsessed with what they are eating. Is she (or he) getting enough milk? Is it time for solids? What should (or shouldn’t ) be those early foods?

It took me three tries to find my way, and still, feeding our Clara took time and care to ensure she was getting the best of the best. She is a tall, lean baby, and so of course I always get asked a lot of detailed questions about her diet at her doctor’s visits. What do I tell them?

She eats more than her brothers.

Clara's favorite foods on simplebites.netPhoto by Tim Chin.

Well, at least half the time anyway. At fifteen months old, Clara is a well-rounded, voracious eater. We’ve barreled past the cautious, exploratory stage and have settled into easy: easy to please, at ease to chew and swallow foods, and easy to serve from the dishes on the diner table.

Today I thought I’d share some of her favorite foods and how I prepare them, then we can open up the questions in the comments.

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