Caramel Corn and a Martha moment

That was my nickname in culinary school, courtesy of my classmates and my teachers. I am still not totally sure why. I am not a particularly crafty person as far as sewing or origami and certainly not an expert on spot removal or anything household oriented like that. My rose bush hasn’t been pruned in two years and dutifully produces about three roses every June, but OK, OK, I do have an occasional Martha Stewart moment in the kitchen.
Maybe that is where I earned the nickname.
Recently I hosted a book party (think: Tupperware party, only children’s books instead) and among a sweet table with assorted goodies, served these cute paper cones of homemade caramel corn.

My Martha moment? I rolled pages from an old novel and taped them to make the cones. See how fitting for a book party a literary caramel corn dispenser can be? I was astounded at my own corniness (no pun intended), but went with them anyway and they sure looked cute!
The recipe for this highly addictive and totally yummy caramel corn can be found here. It’s an easy party food that can be made as early as a week before the big day and is always popular-and not just with the children!
As for the paper cones? That’s may be a step further that you want to go; it’s entirely up to you.

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Cooking has always been Aimée's preferred recreational activity, creative outlet, and source of relaxation. After nearly ten years in the professional cooking industry, she went from restaurant to RSS by trading her tongs and clogs for cookie cutters and a laptop, serving as editor here at Simple Bites. Her first book, Brown Eggs and Jam Jars - Family Recipes from the Kitchen of Simple Bites, was published in February 2015.

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  1. Wow! Rather this, than the sueaky, dry-salted popcron from the Cinema.

  2. Squeaky*. Damn. Sorry, lol.

  3. I love the idea, but printing inks can contain heavy metals and the oil from the corn can absorb some ink; make sure your book is printed with vegetable ink!

  4. You know, I’ll admit… I actually love cute corny stuff. I think it was a great idea and filled with caramel popcorn – oh yes!

  5. The caramel corn would be eaten so quickly there would be absolutely no time for inks to bleed 😀

  6. Martha, er I mean Aimee the presentation of your caramel corn is immaculate…I wonder why you got that moniker? lol

  7. A Martha moment indeed! I’m actually seriously impressed with your use of the book pages here, very clever! Oh, and delicious popcorn inside too, yum.


  8. Adorable…wish I could have been invited!

  9. Clever Aimee! And carmel corn is sooo much better than just ol’ buttered popcorn, although it does have its place in the movie theater!
    Great post Martha!

  10. Hi Graeme- I am saturated after about three handfuls of that cinema stuff, whereas I can eat three square meals of this caramel corn.

    Hi venusia- hmm, good point. Hopefully my friends don’t sue me!

    Hi Amanda- Yay, thanks for the vote of confidence!

    Hi Valli- You have a valid point there.

    Hi Peter- it’s nice that a guy can appreciate something so silly! 🙂

    Hi David- I should really send the idea to her, eh? Talk about a good thing!

    Hi jep- Thanks 🙂

    Hi Deb- Plain, buttered popcorn still has a place in my heart, for sure.

  11. What a great idea for a book club event! Hey! Martha got nothing on you…you’re way prettier!!!

  12. So cute! I’ve been looking for a good caramel corn recipe, this looks wonderful!

  13. It’s too perfect Aimee!!! I love it.

  14. oh yes, very martha. so cute!

  15. I love the paper cones and even found myself trying to read them…great idea but I have know, what was the novel?

  16. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one trying to read the cones : )

  17. Well done Aimée! It look amazing and tasty. For the ink issue, I suggest to use a double layer. The novel sheet on the outside (brilliant idea for your book party) and a kraft paper on the inside.

  18. Hi Helen- *Blush* Thanks!

    Hi Lyb- Welcome to UtHC! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your caramel corn!

    Hi Sandy- I thought you might, you craft girl!

    Hi Shayne and Michelle- Too funny! The book was “Cheaper by the Dozen”.

    Hi Kim- Thanks so much for the tip and thanks for stopping by UtHC!

  19. That popcorn looks good.

  20. hi,
    long time no see (or write shall I say). Thanks for leaving a comment the other day – I have just bought a new laptop and will be back in the cullinary blogging sphere.
    Have to say I love your book-page cones, very inventive!
    Speak soon

  21. Too cute!! I love it!

  22. My neighbour made some of that corn for christmas… we made ourselves sick. It is soooooooo addictive…
    way to go Martha!

  23. Love it! What a great idea 🙂

    BTW…my friends call me Martha too… and I’m not particularly crafty or inclined to garden much. I just spend time in the kitchen 🙂

  24. Hi Erika- good to have you back!

    Hi Emeline- My jaw gets sore, but I still can’t stop…

    Hi recipegirl- Welcome to UtHC!! I guess there are worse names our friends could call us, eh? 🙂

  25. So cute and totally appropriate! I need to have a book club party just so I can serve this.

  26. But what a fabulous ‘Martha moment’ it is!

  27. I thought I would chime in. I think your “Martha moment” is darling. You could probably just go another step and line the cones with another cone layer of parchment or something. Also, it would be cute to do this with sheet music too (music awards party or something)?

  28. Anonymous says

    I am a foodie but I’m also a booklover and I am appalled that you would treat a book in this way. Anyone who loves books could not rip a book up to use a receptacle for popcorn. I don’t know what sort of a book party this was but the attendees could not have been booklovers.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Is this how you will teach your children to treat books? To read them but after having done so, to rip them up and turn them into props?

  29. Dear Anon- Thank you for your concern. Believe me when I say that this book was lucky to have an ending like this. It was a book I had found recently along my stored items, very old and missing a large (40 page)chunk out of it, not to mention the cover! It was destined for the recycling bin, just made a little side trip to the sweet table!
    You do have a good point about what I am teaching kids, though. Once they are old enough to take notice, I will have to be more careful!

    Happy reading and eating!

  30. Anonymous says

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