Canadian Thanksgiving Menu Ideas: A Round-Up

Thanksgiving for us Canadians is just one week away; this is good news for me as I’ve been craving a full-on turkey dinner since June – or about the onset of this pregnancy. However, regardless that the baby has been ordering turkey for prenatal take-out, it’s obviously the season to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Fall comes a little sooner here in the north and already signs of its arrival are showing on the forest floor, in the country markets, and around my front door. Gone are the flip-flops and Frisbees in the entrance; instead boots, hats and scarves are mushrooming like a seasonal fungus. There’s also excited talk of snow by the boys.

Planning a complete Thanksgiving (or any holiday menu) is half the fun, especially now that we have such fun online tools such as Pinterest. In preparation for the holidays, I’ve got several boards dedicated to Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner, Holiday Baking, Pies & Tarts, and if you want to get really organized for the holidays, Edible Gifts.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Pinterest is a super fun way to visually browse recipes and ideas for holiday menus. You can click through each photo to get the recipe or tutorial. So sign up, follow me over there and together we’ll drum up some inspiration for our holiday eats!

I’ve also put together some suggestions here for your holiday menu – either Canadian Thanksgiving or planning for the upcoming holidays. You can never be too prepared and there’s plenty of time for recipe testing (and tasting).


Main Dish

Vegetable Sides

More Sides


Leftover Turkey Ideas

~ Find more menu plans at I’m an Organizing Junkie. ~

What’s on your Thanksgiving menu?

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  1. alison @ Ingredients, Inc. says

    great mix of recipes! Now we can plan ahead with all of this great inspiration

  2. Reminds me that I should get some Holiday Pinterest boards going. Great roundup!

  3. Oh, I can’t wait for dinner this coming weekend. We host and do a family potluck so I take care of the turkey, gravy, stuffing, appetizers and dessert while the rest of the family rounds out the meal. My apps this year are butternut squash soup shots with sage crostini and a large harvest board with cheeses, crackers, grapes, dried fruits, nuts, olives etc.

  4. pumpkin bars!

  5. Amber | Bluebonnets & Brownies says

    Your Pinterest still amazes me. Thanks for all the great ideas, Aimee!

  6. Oh I am SO looking forward to Thanksgiving, and I agree that now is as good a time as any to start testing and tasting! Thanks for including some of my recipes, too! 🙂

  7. Oh this is getting me in the mood for Thanksgiving! Just lovely!

  8. Lots of great inspiration! I love your Pinterest boards.

  9. You are making me SO EXCITED for Thanksgiving – I might have to make a pan of stuffing this week just to control myself.

  10. Rebecca ~ Sweet Baby Yams says

    I love fall! All of the recipes sound delicious.

  11. I take care of the turkey, gravy, stuffing, appetizers and dessert while the rest of the family rounds out the meal.I might have to make a pan of stuffing this week just to control myself.

  12. Bonjour Aimée,
    I am in awe of your blog; I can’t understand that I have never spotted you before; I found you last week looking for a recipe for chocolate Beet muffins. I am so happy I did; I am also a Canadian foor blogger, but on a much smaller scale than yours.

  13. Am I allowed to use your recipe for Chocolate Beet Muffin on my Blog? I do include your hyperlink and mention I made some changes.

    • Welcome and thanks for stopping by, Rita! Unfortunately, I prefer if you do not republish my recipe on your blog, as it is my own creation. But feel free to let readers know where it can be found. Thanks so much for asking!

  14. I tried your recipes for both the Perfect Roast Turkey and Bread Stuffing with Seasonal Fruits & Herbs, and they were amazing!!! This was the second time I’ve ever cooked a turkey and it was so crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The stuffing was such a great combination of flavours. Thanks for making my Thanksgiving so delicious!

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