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Welcome to Bite This Book! Each month, I feature a cookbook of my choosing that is hot off the press, host a Q & A with the author, and then give you a chance to win a copy or two. It’s Bite This Book! good reads on Simple Bites.

If I ever made the decision to adopt a vegetarian diet, it would definitely be swayed by beautiful August produce. Who wants to eat anything else for dinner besides summer pizza heaped with grilled peppers, corn dusted with Parmesan, and tomatoes 14 ways? And dessert? Don’t get me started. Peach cobbler and blueberry galette are divine, and even a simple bowl of cherries or sliced strawberries is satisfying.

Yes, summer produce is at its peak, and if you’re looking for creative ways to serve it up, I’ve got the perfect book for you today. The Vegetarian Kitchen Table Cookbook is co-written by chef-authors Igor Brotto and Olivier Guiriec, and contains 275 incredible recipes, each beautifully showcasing a myriad of vegetables.

Reading through the chapter contents has me hungry, just listen:

  • Quinoa with Fennel and Wild Mushrooms
  • Sun-Dried Tomato, Brie & Arugula Panini
  • Potato Samosas with Spicy Mango Salasa
  • Thai Vermicelli Salad with Snow Peas & Shiitakes
  • Pumpkin Croquettes with Cheddar Cheese

I love that this cookbook also has the basics, like Hummus, Guacamole, Pesto, Tomato Sauce, and many more. And my sweet tooth is pleased with the lengthy dessert chapter!

Whether you are looking for creative ways to cut back on meat or you admittedly have a crush on vegetables, there’s a wealth of everyday inspiration to be found in the 275 recipes of The Vegetarian Kitchen Table Cookbook.

In full disclosure, Oliver is my good friend and sort-of neighbor! I’ve been fortunate enough to dine in his home many, many times, and can attest to his skills in the kitchen. We occasionally swap our farm fresh eggs for his incredible home-smoked salmon; now that is being neighborly.

Read on for a short interview with Oliver and a chance to win a copy of The Vegetarian Kitchen Table Cookbook.

Q & A with chef-author Olivier Guiriec

1. Tell us a little bit about your career in food and why you are qualified to write this book.

I started my career in 1986 in France where I gained a little bit of experience before arriving in Canada in 1995. I’ve worked in Montreal, Ottawa and Nunavut. I presently teach at the Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec where the opportunity presented itself to write a vegetarian book.
Wanting to know more about the subject I took the challenge with my colleague, friend and co-writer of this book. My years of experience as well as my knowledge allowed me to complete the many recipes, as well as the support of friends, clients and family.

2. Do you think it’s more important now than ever to cut back on meat consumption and eat more vegetables?

Yes it is more important to do it now because we consume much more meat than our parents did at our age.  Meat has become cheaper and different meats are more available.  However, eating too much meat has it’s consequences on our health and the demand has consequences on the way the animals are raised.  Therefore the quality of the meat is not the same as the meat 30 years ago.

3. What is your favorite season for vegetables?

I would have to say summer and fall are extraordinary.  They offer authentic products, good tasting in their season and can’t be compared to those bought during the winter.  Try to eat local foods, food in season and organic if possible to get the best taste and quality of the product.

4. We’re always cooking for kids around here; do your twin first-graders have a favorite recipe from the book?

Their favorites are the spanakopitas and the tomato tart!

Thank you, Olivier! Your dedication to the craft is an inspiration to us all.


Thanks to the publishers at Robert Rose, I have a copy of The Vegetarian Kitchen Table Cookbook: 275 Delicious Recipes to give away to one lucky reader.

** This giveaway has ended and the winner is announced HERE. Thank you to all who entered! **

To enter:

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“How often do you prepare a vegetarian dinner?”

That’s it!

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Giveaway ends Saturday, September 1, at 11:59 PM. Good luck to all!

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  1. About once a week we have a meat-free meal. I’d love to have some great new recipes to give us some fresh ideas!

  2. We do vegetarian dinners 3-4 nights per week, sometimes more.

  3. Since my daughters birth (she’s almost two now), I’ve tried to revamp the way we eat by eating vegetarian dishes 2-3 times a week. I’d love to have some more delicious and beautifully displayed ideas.

  4. I prepare a vegetarian dinner every night. My wife, one year daughter and I are all lacto – vegetarians. It gets difficult at times coming up with different recipes. Is this book on Kindle?

  5. Vanessa Chesebro says

    I used to never do vegetarian meals, but have since decided to do at least one a week for the budget and to learn to cook and enjoy more varied veggies. Now that I’m busy, it seems almost easier sometimes to cook a vegetarian meal quickly than to think about thawing the meat from the freezer before cooking! The past few weeks I’ve done about 3 meals a week vegetarian.

  6. My boyfriend and I eat veggie meals all the time as we are both vegetarians. Since we recently moved in together, I have been trying to find the inspiration and instruction to cook healthy yet delicious and filling meals for us. (His idea of cooking is something from the freezer). We’re both really busy and in addition to the above, it can be really tough to know what to cook when fruits and vegetables are pricier in NY and more likely to go bad before we get to them.

    Thank you!

  7. With a garden and part of a CSA share, most dinners are vegetarian around here. We are omnivores, so there is the occasional fish and chicken added in, but even then, it is more of a side or at least equal player. Veggies are still first and foremost in my mind!

  8. Ooohhhh, how beautiful does this book look! I prepare vegetarian meals twice a week, but would love to do more! A month ago, I started ordering a weekly delivery of beautiful organic fruit and vegies and it is amazing produce and I would love more ideas of what to do with some of the interesting produce that now literally lands on my doorstep! Thanks for the opportunity….

  9. We usually have at least one vergetarian meal per week but would like to increase that number.

  10. I am so excited about this giveaway, especially since I am a vegetarian. We eat almost exclusively vegetarian meals at our house, even though my husband and sons are not. They are so good about eating whatever I make and really enjoying it, too. I am always looking for new recipes and ideas!

  11. I’m losing weight right now and relying heavily on vegetarian eating. I’d love to see what’s in here, especially since I’m now living in a more moderate climate with a really wonderful farmer’s market!

  12. At least once a day, esp during the 24 weeks of CSA. However I am not good at cooking dried beans they come out hard and icky 🙁 Maybe I can learn. Always looking for new recipes.

  13. We eat vegetarian/vegan at home most of the time (probably 5 nights per week). I would like to increase that to all the time!

  14. My mom is a vegetarian, so I cook up vegetarian meals at least 4 times a week! Plus, I’m trying to eat healthier, and eating a lot of vegetables and fruits is a great way to help!

  15. We jokingly call my husband a “recovering vegetarian” and I’m frequently accused of being a vegetarian myself. We probably cook vegetarian meals ~5x/week. I’d love another good veggie book!

  16. Alexis Barton says

    I eat mostly vegetarian without actually identifying myself as one — so I cook 6-7 vegetarian dinners a week. I sometimes run out of recipes so I love to try a new vegetarian cook book

  17. I prepare a vegetarian dinner once a week, maybe twice. I would love to cool vegetarian more often, but I definitely need more ideas for my meat loving husband.

  18. We eat a vegetarian meal at least 1 time a week and sometimes 2-3.

  19. I’ve always been a big carnivorous, but I’ve make myself the promise to cut down the meats and include a more vegetarian menu at home. My dream would be to eat vegetarian food 3 to 4 times a week but having never cooked that way…I don’t know where to start and this book seems like a great tool to achieve that goal!
    Kaby from Montreal.

  20. I cook a vegetarian meal at least once a week but looking for more ideas!

  21. Frankie Lane-Odiorne says

    I am a vegetarian so I prepare a vegetarian meal everyday. I’m always looking for new ideas and recipes.

  22. I am not vegetarian but understand that the sum and substance of health should come from produce and makes the bulk of my daily menus. (2 nights a week~!)

  23. My husband doesn’t feel like he has eaten unless we have meat, so this cookbook could be the answer. We don’t have any no meat meals right now.

  24. Anna Doogan says

    We eat meatless meals about 5 nights a week! I would love to get inspired with some new ideas. This cookbook looks perfect.