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Welcome to Bite This Book!, a new 2012 series on Simple Bites. Each month, I’ll feature a cookbook of my choosing that is hot off the press, host a Q & A with the author, and then give you a chance to win a copy or two. It’s Bite This Book!, good reads on Simple Bites.

This latest cookbook from Canadian food writer Julie Van Rosendaal has a special place in my kitchen. In it she collaborates with long-time friend Sue Duncan to produce a straightforward and thorough book on beans that also manages to be utterly elegant to boot.

My family loves beans, but I admit, I tend to serve them in the same old ways. Julie’s cookbook, Spilling the Beans: Cooking and Baking with Beans and Grains Everyday showcases these healthy and frugal legumes in scads of new dinner recipes, and also provides an entire section on baking delicious desserts with beans.

I’ve stocked my pantry with canned and dried beans, flagged nearly half of the recipes in Spilling the Beans as ‘must try’, and now am thrilled to introduce you to the cookbook that has me excited to hit the kitchen!

Read on for an interview with Julie and a chance to win one of two copies of Spilling the Beans.

Q & A with Julie Van Rosendaal

1. Tell us a little bit about the two of you and how you came to collaborate on Spilling the Beans.

Sue and I have been best friends since grade 7.  Even in school we loved food – we’d go out for soup or poutine, and as we got older we would come up with post-bar dishes and make fruitcake at Christmas. Over the years we’ve had a mutual enjoyment of food, taking on cooking projects (like making our own lard) whenever we get together.

We went to stay with Sue and her family during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.  As the guys watched skiing, we chatted about food, as usual, and the topic veered toward beans and how great they are for us, and how we both wanted to incorporate more of them into our daily meals.

Beans have been a part of cuisines around the world for centuries and yet in North America, we hardly know what to do with them. And despite our culinary conveniences, most of us have no idea how to soak and cook a dry bean!

We had been wanting to collaborate on a project for a while, and decided that there was a need for such a book. One that incorporates meat, but more as a condiment – most cookbooks with a legume focus are vegetarian or vegan, and we thought it would appeal to cooks like us, who eat meat but are eating less of it for nutritional and environmental reasons.

2. How would you describe this cookbook?

Spilling the Beans is user-friendly, appealing to home cooks who are vegetarian or carnivorous – meat is present but generally not an essential element and often easily omitted. It celebrates cuisines from around the world and while there are plenty of dishes you’d expect – like soups, stews, curries and grainy salads – there is also a baking section full of recipes that incorporate beans into baked goods such as: pureed white beans in pizza dough; cinnamon buns; black bean brownies; oatmeal cookies; and scones made with red lentils (which disguise themselves well as oats).

3. Spilling the Beans is already in its third printing and winning awards, although it was only just released last fall. Did you anticipate beans would be a hot topic? A best-seller?

Of course we always hoped it would be well received – and to be honest, a best-seller is only 5,000 copies in Canada, so we did anticipate that part! But we hoped people would take to it, learning more about such a vital Canadian crop – one that’s so good for the soil and the environment as well as for us.

Everyone seems to be looking for high-fibre, low-fat, high-protein foods, as well as whole ingredients – those our grandmothers used – and this falls into all categories. We thought it might be a challenge to overcome the “musical fruit” reputation beans have, but are pleased that people are eating more of them!

Thanks so much, Julie, and Sue too!


**This giveaway is now closed. Head here to see the winners!

Thanks to the Whitecap publishers, you can win one of two copies of Spilling the Beans: Cooking and Baking with Beans and Grains Everyday.

To enter:

Simple and straightforward, to enter this giveaway just leave a comment on this post and answer the question:

“Would you like to include more beans in your diet?”

That’s it!

Giveaway ends Saturday, February 11, at 11:30PM. Good luck to all!

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