The Artist Formerly Known as Russell

“Rez-on-8”, 12×24, Mixed Media, John Wimbush

He’s back and better than ever! Right now food takes a rare backseat as I shamelessly use UtHC to reach you all and give my dad’s wicked awesome art a plug. I can’t help it! He’s putting out some great stuff and these pieces are from his recent exhibit at the Smithers Art Gallery. Click here to view the gallery’s website and nine amazing pieces

from my dad’s collection. Hey, I get a commission if I sell any, so take a good look and decide if your home deserves an original John Wimbush.

“Hatian Fight Song”, 24×48, Mixed Media, John Wimbush

(Why is he formerly know as Russell? Ah, that is a long story for another time. )

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  1. Way cool. LOVE the Haitian Fight Song piece.

    (But the title — Big Banana???)

  2. tammy, it’s a reference to American politics. Maybe a play off The Star Spangled Banner (Banana), Note the eagle, there’s other symbolism that’s hard to see with that size of image.

    Aimee – way to go! The pieces look beautiful on your site. I love that first one. Thanks for doing that.

  3. Wow…his work looks really good on your site, Aimee…
    I cant wait to inherit a piece 🙂

  4. Holy talented family!!!!!
    Love the art! Can’t say which is my fave…….love them all! Super talented dad!

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