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10 zero food waste tips for the holidays

10 simple kitchen tips for a zero food waste holiday including ideas for mindful prep, entertaining and leftovers.

I‘ve got a lot to cover in this post, so let’s jump right in.

Today I am joining with FAO, WFP and many other organizations around the world to mark the second annual International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste. Reducing your food waste is one of the most effective actions you can take to help fight climate change.

With the holidays fast approaching, I wanted to outline plenty of viable solutions to help reduce food loss and waste around this time of feasting. While 811 million people go to bed hungry each night, 1/3 of all food is lost or wasted.

These zero food waste tips for the holidays are simple, actionable steps you can take in your own kitchen over the next few months – and beyond.

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10 School Lunch Tips for Beginners

Around this time every year, I start to rummage through my disheveled Tupperware drawer in preparation for school lunches.

Yep, lazy summer snacking on the back patio is giving way to bagged lunches every weekday.

I attempt to match square sandwich containers with their respective lids, locate all the water bottles and take a sniff into each thermos to see if they’re still safe to carry soups.

After that comes an assessment of lunch boxes, a refresher of my daughter’s school regulations, and a chat with her on menu preferences. It’s important to listen, always. But I didn’t know that in the beginning.

I’ve learned a lot along the way. Today’s post is school lunch tips for beginners – or anyone who is looking for new inspiration.

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A wilderness reunion and what happened there

If a magical family reunion has to come to an end, at least wrap it up with a seven-foot charcuterie board and an enormous chocolate cake, right?

At least that was the plan, before an intense rainstorm blew down from the mountains, and I accidentally knocked myself out cold on the low eaves of a cabin.

Oh, and did I mention the roaming mama black bear and cubs? Don’t worry, it all worked out and a good time was had by all. Which is precisely why I’m sharing this tale.

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