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Last Minute Edible Gift Ideas

A jar of preserves, topped with festive fabric; a tin of decadent shortbread dipped in chocolate, a bag of homemade granola, toasted to perfection – there’s no question that a lot of love goes into a handmade edible gift.

This is my favourite way to spread some cheer over the holiday season. Not only do edible gifts show that you put some thought and care into the present, but you can make them from the comforts of your own home.

If you’ve got an evening or two between now and the 25th where you can hit the kitchen, then you can definitely choose one or two items from this list of last minute edible gift ideas. Ready to get started?

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A Few Favourite Cookbooks from 2019

Where are my cookbook lovers at? This round-up is for you.

There were so many incredible cookbooks released this year, however today’s list contains only the books I had a chance to cook from and read cover to cover. Hence, the recommendations!

There are dozens more that I loved, drooled over, and longing flipped through at the bookstore, but I can’t personally vouch for how the recipes work, so they are not on this list. (I’ll share my wishlist before we wrap up, though).

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The Twelve Days of Holiday Baking Projects

Happy December! It’s the last month of the decade, so let’s wrap it up with a celebratory dessert or two, shall we?

I’ve been wanting to write this post for at least four Christmases now, but it never felt quite right. Last December we had just moved into a new home, but with most of my kitchen equipment still in boxes, my holiday baking was minimal.

However, we’ve just celebrated one terrific year in Nova Scotia and I am feeling very festive. On any given day in the Simple Bites kitchen there are oranges drying, lemons preserving, pie crusts chilling and gingerbread baking.

The holidays are a time to be a little extra … so make a splash and play in the kitchen. The Twelve Days of Holiday Baking Projects are meant to inspire you to tie on an apron, break out the cookie cutters and create a festive masterpiece.

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