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The Hottest Posts of 2010

It’s been an exciting eleven months of blogging in 2010; remember, Simple Bites has yet to celebrate a one year anniversary, as we only launched last February! I’ve really appreciated the warm response from readers and the enthusiastic feedback on everything from canning to menu planning. That you’ve embraced this newcomer has been a huge incentive to keep on writing, cooking and blogging. So, thank you.

Just for fun, let’s look back at some of the hottest posts of the year!  Every month, there are always one or two posts that, for whatever reason, really get people’s attention.The comments pour in, the retweets rack up, and the word gets out.

In no particular order, here are the Top Twelve Hottest Posts of 2010.

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Common Sense Seasonal Eating for the New Year (Winter Vegetable Soup)

Written by Shannon of Nourishing Days

So I wrote a big ol’ article about every nutrient you should eat during the winter to maintain optimum health. First I mentioned foods to cut out (like I did in the spring) and then I went on and on about enzymes and cod liver oil and fat-soluble vitamins.

Then I deleted the whole thing.

Our children are poised to be the sickest generation to date and yet we speak “nutritionism” like never before. I think what we need at the table is a little less science and a little more common sense.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Today was spent playing ‘Memory’, assembling puzzles, eating Christmas cookies and leftover Black Forest Trifle, tromping through the snow and sledding down hills, coming home for hot cocoa, and eating turkey leftovers for dinner.

We’re really, really enjoying the holidays.

I’ve been taking a much-needed blogging break….but did manage to throw together a little video to wish readers happy holidays. Please stop by Simple Bites to receive holiday greetings from the whole family…

There’s also been Classic Tourtière, a pretty Citrus Salad (which got picked up by both Glamour and Gourmet. !), and a lengthy, personal and much-loved recap of my holiday cookie swap.

Here’s hoping your holiday was a special one.

8 Fun & Simple Ways to Entertain on New Year’s Eve

A New Year’s Eve celebration at home was always my preferred party mode and now that we have little ones, it’s an even more attractive way to ring in the New Year. No hefty babysitter fee, no cover charge, no late-night winter driving, just a good time in the comforts of our own home.

Of course, it’s also a great excuse to invite a few close friends over to play board games, set out some simple party food, chill a bottle of champagne in the snowbank, and set off fireworks at midnight. That pretty much sums up how we’ll be spending the last few hours of 2010.

There’s no better night than New Year’s Eve to entertain, but many of us are often worn out from the Christmas festivities and not interested in another cooking/cleaning project. The trick is to keep it simple and enlist plenty of helping hands instead of attempting an elaborate event on your own strength.

Choose one of these entertaining suggestions, customize it to your tastes, and start the new year surrounded by friends, but not completely exhausted.

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Merry Christmas from Simple Bites (vlog)

To all my wonderful readers, near and far, young and old — Happy Holidays!

Today will be spent at mostly home, preparing for Christmas dinner tomorrow, playing in the snow, and wrapping up the last few presents. If we’re lucky, we’ll all get a nap in before we head to the evening service. Then it’s home for tourtière and off bed for the kids.

Enjoy your Christmas Eve and here’s a special message from all of us to you!

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